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Nebraska Cooperative Liquid Assets Securities System

Investment Solutions Designed For Nebraska Public Agencies

Nebraska CLASS Mission

The purpose of Nebraska CLASS is to provide the opportunity to conveniently invest funds on a cooperative basis in short-term investments that are carefully selected aiming to provide safety and liquidity while prioritizing yields.

“Nebraska CLASS was created in response to a growing demand by Nebraska public agencies for a liquidity option that is governed by a Board of their peers. Operating with the best interests of the Participants in mind, the fund is an investment option and diversification tool for your short-term investments. Nebraska CLASS offers a safety-first investment management option with transparent program governance.”

– Tammy Wissing, Chairperson of the Nebraska CLASS Board of Trustees

Nebraska CLASS Board of Trustees

Comprised of public finance officials with diverse skill sets, experiences, and backgrounds to better guide your investments

Nebraska CLASS Portfolio as of July 18, 2024

Daily Yield (%) 5.3022
YTD Yield (%) 5.3903
7-Day Yield (%) 5.2930
30-Day Yield (%) 5.2949
Weighted Average Maturity (To Reset) 7
Weighted Average Maturity (To Final) 59
Daily Dividend 0.000144869
Net Asset Value (NAV) 1.00004254

Historical Yields

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Designed for Nebraska Public Agencies

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Nebraska CLASS provides public agencies the opportunity to pool their funds together with the goal of collectively earning interest on investments. Our philosophy is to provide competitive returns while focusing on safety and liquidity. Nebraska CLASS provides a comprehensive approach to the management of your funds.
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